A sample of unsolicited comments, in appreciation of my teaching:

  • “Thanks, Adina, for all of your insight and instruction during this [international journalism] class. I feel it is the class I’ve grown the most during and it lasted just seven weeks. I really appreciate your strict grading style and constructive criticism as it pushed me to study harder, deeper, and more carefully. I also learned to develop my opinions beyond personal bias and look for the facts of a situation from all angles (because every story has much more than just two sides). If I were required to give an evaluation of the course and you as an instructor, I would say you earn a 5 (the best) for stretching the boundaries of a person’s comfort zone and enforcing the use of the brain : ) I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to walk away with a college degree saying that they’ve learned something over the last four years. So for all of that…thanks : )”
  • “I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help and encouragement. I’m so glad that I could constantly improve throughout the course of this class. I feel like I know so much more than I did before and now I am more passionate about certain aspects of journalism than I was in high school. I appreciate your emails and your constructive criticism. Thank You for helping me improve!”
  • “Adina, you made me think about what I see everyday, and in three weeks, taught me how to analyze it with both appreciation and concern. Seldom have I studied with teachers who have not “changed my perspective” or “taught me a lot,” but teachers who have made my education worthwhile. I am better for the time we had together.”
  • “You are incredibly knowledgeable in your field and, I felt, made your students think and learn. Those abilities are hallmarks of a great teacher. I am applying to a masters program at the U and, if I have the chance, will be looking for one of your classes.”