I am an associate professor of journalism and mass communication, teaching journalism, news writing, multimedia and photojournalism, and media studies.


I was born in Romania, in the hilly metropolis Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania. I grew up in a small family, surrounded by many teachers and a combination of city- and nature-lovers. I spent my childhood playing outside, discovering the neighborhood, sledding, climbing trees and picking flowers. I practiced competitive downhill skiing, and really loved school, homework, and the atmosphere of learning. After all, I did stay in school until I received my doctoral degree.

I met my husband in Minnesota, where I went for my graduate studies, and we have two wonderful children. My belief in the Baha’i Faith contributes to my commitment to work hard in my roles as a mother, wife, scholar, and teacher.

For inquiries, my contact information is:

Department of Communication and Journalism

Oakland University

317 Wilson Hall

Rochester, MI 48309

e: schneewe at oakland dot edu

One thought on “About me

  1. I appreciated your share in the circle at the conference. I must be patient in meeting people where they are at in our healing circles. After reading your blog and getting a deeper view of who you are, your frustration is even more understood!

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