It’s been a great year for teaching – this past Winter semester, I taught “Digital Storytelling for the Media: Diversity, Identity, and Community,” one of my favorite courses, as well as “Video Documentary Journalism,” a course I developed and results in wonderful, strong student work. This Fall semester,  I am teaching convergence, and intro to journalism and news writing (online and face-to-face).

I have two new articles out. One was published in the Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, co-authored with Dr. Katherine A. Foss, “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves:Examining representations of Roma culture in 70 years of American television.” It is the result of two studies Katie and I have been working on for a few years, and we are very proud to see it out, stronger than in its original versions.

Last year’s officers of the Cultural and Critical Studies Division wrap up the business meeting at AEJMC in Chicago, Illinois, on Aug. 10, 2017. Adina is third from left.

The other article, titled “The imagined backward and downtrodden other: Contemporary American news coverage of the Roma/Gypsy,” is published in Journalism Studies. It surveys American news media in the last few years, to find the coverage of the Roma either as a downtrodden group, political cause for intervention, or as a marginalized other who need salvation. In the context that American news has largely ignored the plight of the Roma, has deemed the population to be an invisible stranger, and has continued to bolster historic stereotypes, this study concluded that US news misses the opportunity to connect the problem of the Roma to current political and popular discourses about immigration.

I also have a chapter on race and masculinity since the days of Oz, forthcoming in a book on prison experiences and Hollywood. Stay tuned for details.

I much enjoyed my panel presentation, as well as the conversations and networking at August’s convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. I served as Head of the Cultural and Critical Studies Division this past year, so the convention meetings were particularly gratifying to wrap up a year of organizing.

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