Finally in print! My article, “Empowered Leaders and Alone in Community: Stories of Romanian Roma Health Mediators,” appeared in the national, peer-reviewed journal, Women’s Studies in Communication, 36, pp. 167-188.

A little bit about it: It’s based on ethnographic work that I conducted in Romania, two years ago. The article investigates the experiences of Roma women who work in Romania as health mediators to build bridges between Romani patients and the public health system. Given the precarious socioeconomic conditions, overt discrimination, policy changes, and rights advocacy that mark these women’s lives — and at the same time the near invisibility of Roma women in scholarship — this study offers women’s stories as communicative practices of telling oneself. The mediators narrate stories of successes and challenges in their profession, of discrimination, of empowerment, and of identity shifts toward hybridity and contextual alliances.

I went back to Romania this summer, and met and worked with these women, but that’s another story… to come 🙂

Thanks for spreading the word.

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