I’m looking at a hazy backyard, covered in morning fog, the windows are closed for the low 60s, and I have mixed feelings about summer indeed ending. I have truly enjoyed all the work (and family time) that it has brought.

  • I got some good research done – I finished editing and revising the two book chapters I am contributing to two different volumes.
  • I really liked writing an art label for Oakland University’s Art Gallery. The exhibit is on African Art and the label I wrote draws from my research. How often have you looked at art and personal reactions were called forth – perhaps more than the author’s own description of the art piece? This is what my experience was all about. I was staring at an African bust, a woman’s face, and a story about a Romni little girl that I met in Romania in May came forward in my mind. I wrote it down, and now it stands in a gallery.
  • I taught news writing in July and August. Two students wrote very good pieces on the local coffee shop I took them to (on a field trip, to interview together, a la news conference). I encouraged both students to pitch their stories – and one of them got lucky! Her story is coming out this week in the local Patch.com.

Now, teaching is back on! I’m teaching news writing again, on campus and online, as well as digital photojournalism online – first time online with this class and I think it’s going really nicely so far. Have a beautiful and productive autumn!

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