Diversity and Storytelling

Diversity and storytelling. Or, storytelling diversity. Or, telling stories of diversity. This is a project I'm working on this year. As a Faculty Fellow for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for the current academic year, I facilitate discussion, course redesign, and a campus-wide joint project to tell stories of diverse experiences among … Continue reading Diversity and Storytelling


“Gameful” Pedagogy

At the 2017 e-Cornucopia: Teaching with Technology Conference held at Oakland University, the keynote speaker, Dr. Barry J. Fishman of University of Michigan, presented the pedagogical approach called "Gameful Learning," used primarily to enhance learner engagement. In essence, students make choices about their assignments in a way they would in the setting of a game … Continue reading “Gameful” Pedagogy

2017 news

It's been a great year for teaching - this past Winter semester, I taught "Digital Storytelling for the Media: Diversity, Identity, and Community," one of my favorite courses, as well as "Video Documentary Journalism," a course I developed and results in wonderful, strong student work. This Fall semester,  I am teaching convergence, and intro to … Continue reading 2017 news