Diversity Moment #1: Same Same Different

I am trying a new train track. I am trying to share more honestly my experience as an academic that teaches issues of diversity in the context of a journalism university program. A post on self-reflection is forthcoming, but until then I want to share a glimpse of a "diversity moment," as I will try … Continue reading Diversity Moment #1: Same Same Different


I am thrilled with how the Storytelling Diversity project is going. This is the semester where we're beginning to gather assignments that tell stories of diversity and inclusion. For example, the one I posted today about "Women at OU," was assigned in a class in the Department of Organizational Leadership. It is truly impressive! Check … Continue reading Unfolding

Diversity and Storytelling

Diversity and storytelling. Or, storytelling diversity. Or, telling stories of diversity. This is a project I'm working on this year. As a Faculty Fellow for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for the current academic year, I facilitate discussion, course redesign, and a campus-wide joint project to tell stories of diverse experiences among … Continue reading Diversity and Storytelling